Jose Bello – VP of Sales & Marketing, Shooting Stars Post, Inc. (business partner)

Jun 3, 2011

“Form the moment you engage Kimberly, you will realize that you’re dealing with a true professional and an industry expert.

I have known Kimberly for some time now, but have known about her and her successes for even longer. I have had the pleasure of brainstorming with her on a variety of topics as well as in the social media environment and can attest to her industry knowledge, professionalism and communication skills. Based on that experience, I can tell you that Kimberly is the consummate professional with an incredible eye for detail and a great passion for her work and for achieving measured results for her clients. When you partner with Kimberly, those qualities will stand out immediately. I assure you that, as a client, you will be extremely happy with her work and receive value far beyond your investment. Great products and services can speak for themselves, but sometimes they need a little help getting an audience and keeping one… Kimberly is your “go to” person. I strongly recommend Kimberly and her great team!”