Since that time, she has clearly come along way on many fronts, including but not limited to, Serial Entrepreneurism, Community Involvement and Service, Active Advisory Roles to many Educational Programs and Institutions, Professional Speaking, as well as, plays an active role in both Political and Economic Development initiatives. Furthermore, has been recognized for those applied efforts by being awarded many accolades and awards.

Back Story Of Kimberly And Historical Background Of K.Tek Systems

Born To Be An Entrepreneur And Leader

Kimberly Dedicates Time To Give Back To The Community

Kimberly Focuses Much Time And Effort On Her Non Profits

Kimberly Making A Difference In Education

Kimberly Works On University Innovation In Education

Kimberly’s Continued Work To Make A Positve Impact

Leveraging The Foundation For Success

Models Of Organizational And Client Success

Moving Forward Leveraging Two Decades Of Success

Noting A Few Of Kimberly And Ktek’s Awards And Accolades

Unique Models Setting The Foundation For Success