In summary, Kimberly’s story starts long before these most current applied efforts and timeline aforementioned. She certainly started early and she certainly isn’t done. However, one thing that Kimberly is consistent in, is that she continues on as she ventures to stay true to who she is, continues to learn, contribute whenever she can, and most certainly will dedicate her efforts to make a positive impact in those areas of her passions and compassions. She has applied decades of knowledge and experience that has molded who Kimberly K. During is today. Kimberly, her leadership philosophy, applies sound, proven, and solid business principals in the way she conducts business, of which, has yielded her two decades of client retention of 98%, an average gross revenue growth rate of 40%, and EBITA of 30% of net income and profitability on average. It is her own commitment to excellence, integrity, honesty and respect for others that guides her personal choices.

Her perseverance in times of challenge, unwavering optimism, confidence, sincerity, standards of excellence, and the embodiment of her personal qualities of vision, leadership, strategic thought, and commitment to all that she does truly keeps her moving forward, learning, and growing. Kimberly’s proprietary business models and her values that run through the veins of her multiple companies that ensure success and sustainability.

Kimberly is a true leader that leads by example, creates an environment to meet or exceed critical success factors, along with her vision and confidence in that vision along with strong strategy that builds and maintains the stable foundation upon which long-term organizational success can be achieved. Furthermore, beyond her multiple ventures and nonprofits, and all of the aforementioned current active ventures to date.

To be sure, you will be hearing more from Kimberly as it has been proven over the last two decades that she has, is, and always will be motivated to make a difference, not only, in the for profit sector, not for profit sector, Community Boards and will continue to put forth the effort to continue to grow in the future.

Back Story Of Kimberly And Historical Background Of K.Tek Systems

Born To Be An Entrepreneur And Leader

Kimberly Dedicates Time To Give Back To The Community

Kimberly Focuses Much Time And Effort On Her Non Profits

Kimberly Making A Difference In Education

Kimberly Works On University Innovation In Education

Kimberly’s Continued Work To Make A Positve Impact

Leveraging The Foundation For Success

Models Of Organizational And Client Success

Moving Forward Leveraging Two Decades Of Success

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Unique Models Setting The Foundation For Success