However, having the “Entrepreneurial Bug”, at a very young age, is not exactly what truly pushed her over the edge to leave her first job out of College to take on all the risk of starting her own company, without any outside capital to lean on or one potential client. In every sense of the word truly, organically grown. However, she was extremely confident that there was a much better way to approach working with clients, in particular, with a unique consultive approach to the application of innovative and emerging technologies.

It all became clear with Kimberly’s Business Background and Technology Competencies when she managed a $5M dollar Information Technology Budget. As, the Controller of an organization that didn’t formerly have an IT related or dedicated staff member to competently handle making these crucial technology buying decisions and large budget, she was promoted to that role. Therefore, always up for a challenge, she took on the task of actually looking to “spend the $5M” in a smart way! And, that became a huge challenge! It was through this process that she absolutely came in contact, interviewed, and listened to presentations by nearly every Tampa Bay technology company.

Kimberly became a bit disillusioned with her experiences, as nearly 100% of those companies, met with her in their Board Room and set up for their respective presentations. Moreover, all of them, after pleasantries and exchanging business cards, waited to start their “Car Salesmen” approach to their immediate promotional demonstration or “pitches”, as if, completely rehearsed and focused on their respective “features”. After, politely, listening and taking copious notes for her questions, assuming that post their presentations there would be questions for her, as well. Or, more importantly a “discussion” or even better a “discovery”, as we still call our process two decades later at K.Tek Systems.

It seemed to Kimberly, that how could someone expect to sell technology as a value proposition and show just how the “Return on Investment” was going to be realized without knowing or caring to ask a “single question”?. Even the simplest of questions, such as, what does her company do, how does it make its money, who are their clients, what industry to they serve (a vertical market or many markets), how does she see using their technology within her organization, what does she think would constitute success of the purchase of such expensive solutions or did she think that it even “was a solution” for her organization.

Hence, was born K.Tek Systems, comprehensive way to uniquely deal with, learn about, research, consult, strategize, and customize solutions that would ultimately plan for and determine the path to their clients success. So, simple in theory, one would assume it was simply not done that way at that time with technology of “all types”. However, simply not done, over several decades ago. Currently and Surprisingly, most tech company’s claim to use this methodology several decades later, in today’s market. However, at K.Tek, we see so many clients that were really just “sold a solution” not a “strategy for success” and we stand by that every day, every client and with every solution!

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