While her business success, positivity, vision and passion have carried her thus far, she is at her happiest as an active philanthropist. She works tenaciously to make a positive difference in the lives of others and impact felt within her community. Whether, creating jobs, donating financial resources, products and services, or raising funds for various causes.

Kimberly founded four Foundations that focus on key areas of her personal compassion. Kimberly is focus driven to make a Positive Impact in the Innovation of Education (K-Higher Education) by way of the During Foundation. The Mental Health System inclusive of Public and Private Health Systems by way of her Hearts will Hold Non-Profit. And, she established her, Forrest E. Berrie Institute, in honor or her World War II Grandfather, which eventually committed suicide due to “Post War” trauma. Having lived through this tragedy and being associated with other VA related Non-Profits, she works on providing funding, services and programs, inclusive of, Mental Health, Anger Management, Crisis Hotlines, Return Stability and Reconditioning among our returning Veterans.

Furthermore, she feels a strong need for Veteran services that include, Family Support Programs, Job Creation, and works intensively on innovative programs and services that address the inherent nature of the of many Transitional Challenges that our Veterans face when they return to civilian life. Specifically, her Institute for our Nation’s Veterans provides services such as Crisis Hotlines and Prevention, in conjunction with access to Personal and Family Counseling using “State of the Art” researched treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anger Management Treatments, of which, cannot or are not being effectively treated with the current standard, practices, and antiquated treatment protocols. However, sadly are still in practice today.

Kimberly feels that the increased levels and severity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicides and Depression that our returning Veterans are facing today is mainly due to the battle ground conditions and primarily due to the unprecedented fact that many have served four-five combat tours. However, our system currently in place, has not adapted to that change. Kimberly’s programs provide the returning Veteran with Civilian Life Transitional Training and Career Training conducive to our Nation’s current economic climate. Inclusive of Job Placement which inherently provides soldiers on the field opportunities when they return and provides for Economic Growth on a Local and National Scale.

Kimberly’s, other Family Foundation, founded in honor of her Grandmother, focuses on and provides support for Women’s Issues and Domestic Violence. Kimberly, is also, an Certified Non-Profit Manager and she uses her very personal experiences, Creative Vision, Strategic Initiatives, Advocacy, and Channeled Efforts within her Non-Profit Foundations to create Positive Change. Kimberly is a Political Activist both in Legislative Areas and Advocacy Roles on behalf of her Foundation Benefactors and constantly is on the move to “Advocate Change for the Greater Good” and has successfully done so and continues to do work on with unprecedented Compassion and Vision.

She has already impacted massive Innovation and Legislation changes in Education, Innovative Change in our Nation’s Public Health Systems, and successful advocacy for Mental Health Law and Policy, on behalf of, the necessary and much needed changes in the delivery of Mental Health Programs, Practices, and Protocols. And, due to her 7 years of service in the Mental Health Field, her academic and research partners, she is currently working on her next three books focused primarily on creating better tools for the Mental Health Licensed Counselor Practitioner Community. Her work is focused on more effective Treatment Protocols for Borderline Personality Disorder and other Personality Disorders, Behavior Modification Treatments, and those that suffer from severe forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on my many experiences but are primarily focused on Children under the age of 14 exposed to Severe Trauma. All of which, both rival the “status quo” tools being used today. Kimberly has many research outlets and various professionals involved and does feel very compelled to speak for those who silently suffer.

This, in turn, provides for her, relentless Advocacy, Funded Researched Based, and Innovative Treatment Practices, providing more effective Tools, Protocols and Research serving the Mentally ill, from Children, Adults, the Homeless, and the Elderly. This includes solving and providing solid proven solutions to complex problems and advocating, on behalf of, many changes that are needed for the underprivileged and “at-risk” Children to the Elderly. Moreover, works to advocate, lobby for changes in much of the Antiquated and the Lack of Solid Legislation that serves Education, Mentally Ill Citizens, our Nation’s Veterans, Women’s Issues and Domestic Violence Victims.

She Practices her Dedicated Mission of being the Voice for those who silently suffer in our Nation’s Often Flawed and Broken Mental Health Delivery Practices, Programs, and Systems by bridging Researched Practices, coming from the Research Archives of Universities, and working to bring them to the Community Organizations, Service Providers, Hospitals, and Prison Facilities. Kimberly is fearless in this mission and has provided funding along with online research focused web sites that each provides for a patient source of blogging, journaling, sharing and other studies.

Furthermore, her own experience working within the system that Challenges the “Status Quo”, of which, the data has been proven with often poor Evidence Based Practice results of what does not, does, or will not ever work. Especially, for the upper end of severity spectrum of the particular diagnosis or disorder. Also, sadly, too often misdiagnosed.

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