Kimberly has uniquely created each one of her companies, organically grown, one client at a time, by applying sound business principles. And, neither growth, client retention, nor any have suffered by taking this approach. Her self-created organizations have all prospered, as well, due to Kimberly’s proprietary Organizational Infrastructure and Operational Manual, called the “Communications Management Model” (CMM). This Proprietary Model of Organizational Effectiveness is achieved by many unique theories not commonly found in widely accepted Management Models, thus she wrote her own. Her Management Model, put into practice, combines all the protocols and procedures to create and operate her ventures organized around critical success factors, inter and intra company communications, and inter and intra company accountability. These factors, among more, keep Kimberly’s companies running like “Well Oiled Machines.” Furthermore, unique to her Models is that all Clients are on the Company’s Organizational Chart as a natural extension of each Client Organization’s and creates a system of Kimberly’s Organization’s Internal Accountability that have led to two decades of outstanding 98% Client Retention. She has also created many other “Models” that are used in her businesses. The BISC Model (Business Internet Strategy and Communications), is Kimberly’s proprietary model, that yields her client’s with a comprehensive business value solution and assessment. That, fundamentally, uses a high level of Strategy based on a detailed baseline discovery in the collection of data from which her “team of excellence” can begin to work with. Ultimately, K.Tek uses process models so that its team can effectively infuse our client’s business and provide for a technology solution that yields a strategic success plan. As well as, a measured Return on their Technology Investment, often leveraging assets that we discover they already have. Kimberly has created several proprietary models, as if she doesn’t become aware of an existing model to adopt (which is rare), she will undoubtedly create a proprietary one and share with her clients and staff.

Kimberly’s organizations are at their very core, relationships. And, as a result of that characteristic, her staff is a natural extension of their client’s businesses and work as a team, with most of K.Tek’s client’s having fully staffed and large “IT Departments”. K.Tek is a true partner with its clients, in all things Internet and more! As, aforementioned, Kimberly thrives within the environment, which allows her to exhibit her Creative Vision, Leadership, Business Development and Consulting, Strategist, Innovation Skills, her Complex Problem Solving abilities and her demonstrated Advocate for Change. Kimberly feels that, Strategic Change and Innovation, when warranted is a Critical Key to Success.

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