International Women’s Leadership Association Award

Kimberly During is excited and honored to announce the following award bestowed on her:

“The International Women’s Leadership Association, it is my distinct pleasure to notify you that, in consideration of your contribution to family, career, and community, you have been selected as a woman of outstanding leadership in Business Development.”

Alfred Noll

Kimberley I wanted to congratulate on your latest achievements.

You and your company stand for value (s), exactly what the world needs nowadays.

Keep up your good work! Hope to be in Clearwater in 2012!

Charles Ebersole Reference

Circuit Actions, USSOCOM
“I have had the opportunity to watch Kimberly at work. Her ability to go beyond her education to creatively engineer or design a project that is above anything I have seen or come upon.

She is highly focused and her focus is very hard to redirect. It is amazing to watch a genius at work.”

Jeff Sterns (Client)

Jeff hired you as a IT Consultant in 2001 – Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“I hired Kim as Director Of Operations at Dimmitt Luxury Motorcars in 2001.

I was very pleased with the product and her company’s responsiveness to any long term or immediate need.

I have since used Kim and K.Tek for 2 of my own businesses since and have referred many to her since…all thankful for the referral.”

Amy Abrams (Business Partner)

Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay

“Kimberly is beautiful, has multiple talents, a wealth of life experience which lead her to K.Tek International Corporation.”

Tom Faraci (Client)

Tom hired you as a IT Consultant in 2008 – Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Kimberly’s profile is astonishing; her creative thinking and entrepreneur leadership skills make her the true Leader she is today.

I commend her on her devoted drive to excel in our community.”

Brendan Rehman

“Kimberly is one of the best CEO’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She has an amazing ability to just make everything work out… Her skill as a CEO and leader in my opinion is directly related to how well she treats everyone who works for her. She fosters trust, loyalty and respect by giving her employees trust, loyalty and respect.

I can only hope to find another CEO as talented, respectful and trusting of the TEAM.

Peter Vasquez – (Client)

Peter hired you as a IT Consultant in 2010 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Kimberly is a true professional. Does what she says she will do, when she says she will do it. Thank you Kimberly.”