Kimberly gains enthusiasm, personal rewards, and satisfaction when she is actively Contributing, Mentoring, and Public Speaking in where she can share her experience and knowledge to other young women and men that may benefit from her various lecture topics and stories. Whether, it is a lecture on the “Psychology of an Entrepreneur”, of which, focuses on the (Human Element of Organizational Success), or the many other subjects within her broad industry knowledge base. She takes pride in Mentoring Entrepreneurs’, Developing and Challenging her Staff for Success, Public Speaking, and Teaching.

Kimberly’s, Public Speaking demands, recently has taken her across the Globe to China, India, New York City and California. However, her Mentorship is most personally rewarding, as in hindsight, she wishes she knew what she knows today and it is exciting to share stories of success and failure.

Kimberly, also, shines when she is impacting her Community and creating Economic Development, of which, she has won awards for her efforts in both Economic Development, twice. Also, she is recognized by the Small Business Administration for her Prolific Business Success, as well as, the Regan Congressional Committee recognition and award given to her directly by the President during a “Gala held at the Whitehouse”. Furthermore, she was invited to speak on behalf of “Small Business “across the Country directly reporting to the Congress, on what the Government can do to better serve the needs of “Small Business”. Although, she has won countless awards and accolades in recognition of her efforts, all of which, she remains humbled and honored to be recognized.

With her ever expanding Creative Vision she creates opportunities for success, for both her Clients, Employees, those she Mentors, Students, and applies this mission to her everyday life. One of her favorite quotes is “The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration but its donation” by Corrie Ten Boom and she lives this quote every day. She continues to make a difference in our Community by serving on several Boards, and Volunteering countless hours to various Public Mental Health organizations, organizations that support “at-risk” youth, the Pinellas Education Foundation, Stavros Institute, Pinellas County School System and Schools for the Deaf and Autistic.

However, personally her compassion and passion play out through her actions of Prolific Philanthropy, Community Volunteer work, and holding multiple seats on Community Boards. She has funded over 35 non-profit organizations in 2010, and more to date.

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