Kimberly is a natural visionary, innovator, and change agent that embodies and applies the acquired knowledge, experience, and leverages her personal qualities, character traits, and strengths for her purpose. Driven both by, passion and compassion, professionally and personally, every moment as she multitasks through her life filled with opportunities and family. Kimberly practices the highest level of commitment, integrity, respect for others, sincerity, generosity, and applies high standards in all that she accomplishes. Her abilities and skills in leadership by example, creativity and vision, mission, purpose, focus, strategic thinking, optimism, intellect, and her ability to solve complex problems provides for her motivation to be an highly effective change agent and to promote advocacy for positive and forward-thinking change that yield positive return.

Most often people are naturally adverse to change and therefore vision and strategy is not always welcomed at first. However, Kimberly is a firm believer in forward-thinking, considering the natural or planned Return on Investment (ROI) that can be achieved if and when this way of thinking is adopted. Often, change is perceived to be associated with high risk. However, Kimberly feels that change and only strategic change will move our businesses, our community forward and provide solutions to flawed or broken systems. Of which, need the application of strategic change and look forward with vision without the fear of risk adversity in solving complex problems. And, risk is expected; planned for, built in to the model thus they are mitigated within the Organization’s Solution and Strategic Plan. Kimberly, although, has and was on the “Bleeding Edge” of Innovation in 1993. Now, her company and the entire industry can comfortably plan for Innovation that is on the “Leading Edge”.

Kimberly’s, personal strong belief system and critical success factors, all provide for the elements that have built her successful foundation that fuels her business model. Of which, includes but isn’t limited to, the practice of and the measurement of elements that only rate her success based on the success of the clients that she impacts. Furthermore, her abilities to have such Creative Vision, Innovation and Strong Leadership abilities and skills that have all comprehensively helped to create an environment that enables all that she does both personally and professionally.

Kimberly’s dedication, enthusiasm and energy help her to continue to work tirelessly to make things happen, both for her ventures, as well as, her clients. Kimberly is focused on results, always. Her Leadership, Vision, and Strategy continue to solidify who she is and what she stands for. Moreover, it is Kimberly’s ability to articulate and motivate her mission to her staff, colleagues, clients, business associates and more. That creates an environment for all to succeed. Kimberly’s Leadership style creates motivation; trust and confidence that build a stable foundation upon which each and every Client, Venture, Board Seat, Active Philanthropy, or Advisory Council’s’ that seek her out in the community, are positioned for success, by what Kimberly brings to all the, aforementioned, with her dedicated efforts and methodologies.

Inclusive of her dedicated Staff, Loyal Customers, fellow Board Members, and many others that seek Kimberly’s consultation, are all benefactors of her experience, skills, and abilities. Kimberly’s applied Strategy includes but is not limited to, building long-term relationships within her many community organizations and most importantly her Clients, Staff, and her Philanthropic Benefactors.

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